Tuesday, 29 July 2008

warm days.

london. dianaf+

view from a train approaching london bridge - london bridge - a view from half way up the hill to greenwich observatory - greenwich park

home. polaroid

pure silk blouse from river island - pre-storm

Monday, 28 July 2008


i'm really sorry for my lack of blogging recently- the combination of beautiful weather, working, a family get together and working towards on some illustrations for a zine (!!!!! excited !!!!!) have meant that i haven't had a lot of time to blog.
i have also imposed a clothes shopping ban on myself- on anything over £3. yes! i can still buy knickers!! who doesn't love underwear, hey?
whilst shopping with my best friend last week, i tried on this top from topshop:

the one i tried was actually a beautiful dusty pink (not a colour i've ever tried before- i automatically thought it would look awful against my skin, but it actually looked lovely) and i've really fallen in love with it.
however, £28 for a vest top with some flowers on it is...URGH. criminal!!! so i'm planning on making one myself! yay!

my blogging is going to be pretty sporadic for the next three weeks, as next monday i go away to Switzerland for two weeks. I'm really excited because we'll be staying in the mountains, and i do love mountains! i know the campsite has internet access so hopefully i'll be able to bring you pictures! if you want, anyway!

oh, and on the subject of the cupcakes in my last post:
the topping is actually crushed up Fox fruit sweet things (boiled sweets, basically). they gave the EXACT effect i was looking for, although they did melt after a day...

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


e my haha! cheating bandwidth! i will now use my flickr, with it's newly purchaced pro account to host my pictures.
although. that means there's more likelihood of people from college finding my blog.
having a blog makes me feel very self centered.

a nice dress! a nice day!

i never wear shoes at home.

then it got cold and we had dinner outside so i wore some lilac tights and my blazer and my gold shoes.
so i lied.
i wear shoes at home sometimes. but only because it was cold.

oh and i made fairy cakes

Monday, 21 July 2008


i apologise for all of the "bandwidth exceeded" photo things everywhere. i'm not going to pay for more bandwidth with them, so it'll be that way until the 25th of this month. i'm really sorry.
whilst the rest of my page is ugly ugly ugly, here are four photographs that i took with my dianaf+ and 120 film (the correct film for the camera). i'm pretty pleased with them, even if they don't really look much.

double exposure, the pavilions, brighton.

taken from a train window.

double exposure- my garden and a guitar.

a man on stilts in brighton.
i love this picture.
i am so glad i plucked up the courage to take my scary looking camera out and snap him.

there are some others that i need to scan, plus some from my party, but my scanner's right over there +points across room+ and my sewing machine is in the way.
that sewing machine is in my bad books. it won't do what i want it to and i'm trying to do something really important and exciting that i will soon blog about that i have another nine days to do stressed stressed stressed!!!!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

the seven seas.

Whilst going through my wardrobe, i was able to highlight 'key pieces' that i really need. for example, i don't have a single white strap/vest top. how did that happen!?
but one thing that i really WANT and i think would be useful: a pair of wide legged, high waisted trousers, preferably with some nautical buttons (:

(the cherry blossom girl)

does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations of where i might find these? i'm useless at actually finding things i want...

wardrobe remix.

today, i started the terrifying task of sorting out my wardrobe. i am a very messy person. very very messy.
anyway, my wardrobe is now completely cleared out, and things are organised, with stuff still to sort out neatly (well...neatly-ish) boxed at the bottom.
i've still got an under-bed box, and a huge packing case to sort out, most of which will be sent to charity shops/ebayed. i will take some pictures of things, and if anyone sees anything they might be interested, let me know and i will take proper pictures of them for you to see. plus i'll sell them cheap.

anyway. with all of my clothes out of my wardrobe and in very neat piles, i decided to play with some pieces that i rarely/have never worn out before, and my new skirt and blazer. here are my hilarous results.
PLEASE NOTE. i look like a twat in all of these. i wasn't wearing any make up, and it was an 'i need makeup day'. the later pictures are particularly cringe-worthy...but i'm not getting all of my clothes out of my wardrobe to re-shoot...


reading Murakami- READ SOME OF HIS WORK. i love love love him.
plus he's Japanese. I'm not going to go into my serious weird crush on japanese men...ahem.

okay, this doesn't quite work. the introduction of dark colours is too much, i think (the tights match better in real life...) but i might play around with different combinations, maybe dark tights...
skirt- h&m
blouse- charity shop
blazer- asos.com
shoes- peacocks
tights- portobello road market


okay. these photos...i look like i'm trying to be a domonatrix or something. i was actually trying to show the shape of the trousers, and look 'fierce'...


i actually quite like this, even if it is very different to what i normally wear.
i got the weird trousers from a topshop sale for £3, and i developed a weird liking for them. the blouse is something mum just bought home from work, randomly...it's a wonderful shape:

it's got bat-wing arms, and a cowl-ish neck, which is unbuttoned here...

trousers- topshop
shirt- school dressing up box
shoes- primark

jeans- topshop
corset top- tammy girl when i was 13.
here, i was trying to channel susie bubble (who, normally, i would not even ATTEMPT to imitate...i would look even MORE stupid than i do normally) by turning my garment up-side-down. it worked surprisingly well! especially with the blazer. if i do actually wear this out, i'll wear it with a strappy top, not the weird corset-y one i was wearing, and i'd probably wear the shirt inside out so you didn't see the stitching. and...with either a simple black skirt and tights, or straight black trousers and heels.

and finally, just trying the blazer with some other shirts...

blouse- MK1

as you may or may not have noticed, i like this blazer.

my tidy wardrobe (: even though it looks a bit dingy and dark =/

my box of things to alter...

Saturday, 12 July 2008

getting smarter.

i have issues with dressing "smart". at college, a couple of people commented that i always dressed 'up' cause i wore dresses when the majority of people wore jeans and a tshirt. however, when it comes to actually dressing up, i never really know where to start. for example, my first instinct when going to an interview was to wear an old cardigan. i did end up wearing a smart-ish jacket, but for a while i've had my eye out for a smart jacket that can dress up simple outfits, and harden up something a bit girly.
i got this jacket through the post from asos.com yesterday, and i love it.

i was being attacket by bushes.

i also wandered into the Peacocks sale yesterday (classy....) and found these shoes for £7. they reminded me of the three strap shoes by chloe, only...er...cheaper and more crossed over. i really liked the wooden heel, so i got them. they're incredibly difficult to walk in.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

summer breeze.

when you look, you find. I went shopping on my lunch break yesterday and looked ONLY at skirts (i actually managed not to get drawn straight to dresses...) and i came out with two very different skirts.
i took heed of all of your advice (thank you, everyone =D) and although i WISH i could go for the tight skirt+baggy t-shirt look, it's just not going to happen.

for some reason my mind is numb and i can't think of anything to write. spending a lonely night in after a lovely day with my boy (:
I'd like to apologise in advance for 1) my exposed bra/bra straps in half of these. damn knickerbox sale luring me to buy underwear that shows under tops. and 2) my completely, hopelessly twisted necklace. thanks for warning me there, ed :P

i actually hated these two things enough to start photoshopping them out. i VERY rarely do anything to alter my photos (other than saturation/overlaying images, but they're pretty obvious...) so i felt ashamed of myself. although, at least i wasn't making myself look really skinny and fresh faced!

skirt 01
I got this from New Look for £12. I kept the label in it (naughtily...) incase i went off it, but i do like it. even if it's probably not aimed at the age 18 market.

i got told off by Ed for never wearing my hair back, so i made a makeshift chopstick out of a twig. classy.

i apologise for this cardigan. i love it. i truly do. really truly. but it makes me look like a slob. i ordered the blazer i had my eye on, which I'll have fun using to smarten up outfits like this...

from asos.com


this makes me want dreadlocks...

sometimes i wonder why...i really do.

skirt two to come.

oh, and i will get round to posting about the exhibition of our A Level work..

Monday, 7 July 2008

skirting around the issue.

recently, my boyfriend pointed out that i very rarely wear skirts. i tend to opt for either boring jeans and the same old t-shirts, or a dress if i feel brave enough to show my legs.
the truth is that i've always had a problem with knowing what to put WITH skirts.
everyone else can do it find!
i have an aversion to this seasons ruffle skirt, because i'm convinced it will make my hips look huge, and although i do have THIS and THIS skirt that i wear on and off, they're really my only wearable skirts.

when i got an birthday £10 off email from ASOS.com, i immediately went to dresses. (well, after this jacket, that i love, and will probably get.) however, i will now force myself to look through skirts. i quite like wearing over the knee skirts- they feel light and airy without the fear of exposing my rear with one gust of wind. my hatred of my legs always rears its head more with skirts than with dresses for some reason, which probably explains my dislike of wearing them.

does anyone have any advice for what to wear WITH skirts? that sounds like a stupid question, but it always just flumoxes me!

anyway, here are some inspirational pictures of inspirational girls in lovely skirts.


flying saucer


(wearing a skirt by childhood flames.)


the clothes horse

cheapskate chic

i could go on forever...

i should really now go and search Chictopia for people with the same body type as mine (let's face it-my legs are NEVER going to be as thin as i want them) and then put a load in my scrap book for inspiration...