Wednesday, 7 May 2008


it's such a nice day, again!
I had the day off of college yesterday as well as a bank holiday monday, and i stayed at my boyfriends. we walked from his to the station (about two miles through countryside) and it was BEAUTIFUL. i need a compact camera so i can just snap anytime!

I always find dressing for summer REALLY difficult- i never know what to put with skirts, and i love being bundled up in scarfs.
i think i need to get some nice, light dresses, but i found this skirt at the back of my skirt drawer so i thought i'd try it...

(please excuse the weird half-sitting-constipated pose...)
it's several sizes to big, so ive kinda...sewn it and moved the buttons, badly. the waistband is weird- i think it makes me look pregnant!'s light and airy, so never mind.
i've never actually worn these sunglasses, but im going to give them a go, because my other ones make me look REALLY weird!

skirt- MK1, years ago
strappy tops, necklace and shoes- primark
bag- free from topshop
cardigan- ASDA kid's uniform
glasses- upside dive vintage


Anonymous said...

I need to start pulling out those skirts from the back of my closet... you look very cute!

Michelle said...

Your glasses are awesome! I have the same problem with hot weather too, I've never wear the right thing..(normally end up wearing tights even when its 25 degrees outside..)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of imploding, your sunglasses!!! Amazing, as is your fixed fit skirt, it works hella well. My favorite easy summer outfit is a dress, and they are oh so comfortable =]

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You look super cute. I agree though dressing for summer can be difficult and a bit boring, all the looks become so uncomplicated...

Francis Girard said...

i find summer dressing REALLY difficult also, my legs are so white and light colours are not so great when trying to cover up the extra pounds that were put on in winter - londoners are never happy with the weather. xf

kirsty lee said...

i'm also dreadful at summer clothes.

i never feel right in just a dress and sandakls. it's so simple and girly for me.

also - the whiteness issue. you're lucky to have really amazing pale skin whereas mine is of the more blotchy kind. i find that the liberal application of johnson's holiday skin helps. at least it stops my legs being so white they practically blinding anyone that looks at them.

however, the whiteness issue soon becomes the redness issue as it has for me today. ouch. at least i look kind of healthy.