Thursday, 15 May 2008


i've just realised how many cool places there are to take photographs in my garden!
Anyway, here is a nice bin, with some lovely shoes I got yesterday!
[please excuse the horrible vampire bites on my feet- these are the handy work of these]

brown peep-toe sling backs from qube.
crazy...for only £5!
there was a grey pair i really really loved, and they fit really well, but there was one shoe on display, and the other was no where to be found ):

wooden heel sandals from Debenhams- they had a 20% off sale on, so mum got me these (: i really like them! although they make such a noise..

I'm not used to wearing heels to college, so i felt a little over dressed, in a weird way
the rest of my outfit was:

jeans- dorothy perkins
cardigan- new look
top- miss selfridge
bracelets- dorothy perkins & markets
shoes- debenhams


Anonymous said...

I love that clickety clackety noise that wooden shoes make... you wear them really well


Cute shoes
and you're

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I really like your wooden heels. No worries about the vampire bites--you should make up an interesting story to explain them--something crazy.

Michelle said...

Those heels are lovely, I see you pretty much have summer footwear sussed ;)

yiqin; said...

Ahhh the wooden shoes are so cute! You're so pretty, as usual!


love the L5 shoes! and also your hair color is gorgeous