Monday, 12 May 2008

the devil wears flip flops

today my feet got brutally murdered by these horrible shoes:

so i walked around town barefoot and got all sorts of foot diseases.

i tried sticking a panty liner to them to stop them from rubbing, but i just looked like a tit.
with a panty liner on her foot.

and then got the wrong train home
and got sun burn on one arm.

here is an outfit picture where my face shows my anger and frustration

dress: joe browns
belt: oxfam
face: angry
shoes: hell.

i had the first half of my art exam today, and luckily it went really well, so my day wasn't really THAT bad.

i must tell mum she needs new summer shoes so that i can steal them from her...
oh, the joys of having my mother's huge feet!


Danz said...

lol panty liner...the things desperation drives a person to. I like the dress though.

Anonymous said...

lol those shoes actually look the kind you put on BECAUSE your feet hurt, not CAUSE your feet to hurt.

Anonymous said...

It's true that the most unexpected shoes can cause a surprising amount of pain... been there... know that feeling!

kirsty lee said...

the trials and tribulations of summer eh? all sandals seem to have a tendancy to rub my feet in the wrong places.

Sam said...

very cute dress!! and i love your hair. the color is great!

p.s. would you like to link?