Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I was deeply chuffed when I recieved a Thinking Bloggers Awards from the lovely Miss Woo.
I love her blog, and the fact that she comments almost every post really make me happy (:

I would like to tag

although her updating is infrequent, i have fallen in love with her illustrations and also her bedroom. it's so cool!

she also has beautiful colouring:

little thoughts
i adore her photographs, and how she wears yellow. I wish i could wear yellow.

What's the story behind the name of your blog and your nickname?
the name just came from what i wanted to write about...beautiful creations and any other mess that is in my head, which i deem necessary to tell the internet (:
my nickname is name (:

Why did you start blogging in the first place?
I guess it was just a new way to procrastinate...
I'd read Style Bubble for ages, and then came across stylemob, and other blogs were just found through that (:

What has been your best blogging related experience? What about the worst?
The best is definitely being able to talk to other bloggers (: and getting inspiration from other people...i love that (:
the worst...i don't have any bad experiences really! although i would like to post more often

What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?
i hope I will post more outfits, which are more interesting, more often.

Single Shot

My art exam has officially started.
Our assignment on the first lesson was to draw some fresh fish that she had bought in.
It's strange, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as beautiful, and macabre at the same time.
The colours on it were simply beautiful. I wish I'd had my camera.
We've been set to look up Memento Mori (specifically Cotan's hanging vegetables). Whilst researching I found this site: single shot.
there are some really interesting videos on there, especially Ori Gersht's take on Cotan's vegetables:


also, I love "Dark Glass" by Clio Barnard
Really interesting, and also moving...
it was filmed on a mobile phone, which gives it...
ah, watch it yourself, and let me know what you think it's based on..


Sunday, 24 February 2008


(is that even a word?)

anyway. I've finished my art project...finally...
here's a picture of it...

click to go to my deviantart (:

i've also been taking a couple more polaroids...

i'm not happy with HP at the moment. I've had my printer/scanner for two months tomorrow (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and it's already having problems turning on.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

lines of death!

ohhh scary.

I have a HUGE deadline in for monday, so all of this past week (it's been half term) i've been doing (or i've MEANT to be doing...) all the finishing touches to my art coursework.
I've still got a bit of work to do tomorrow (actually...a lot...) but i will get a picture of my final piece and post it up.

I've been slouching around in ill-fitting clothes and generally looking horrible, but i will make an effort to look pretty tonight, as my boyfriend is coming over (:

Oh, i'm really pleased because I had a polaroid featured here... which is really lovely, even though mine looks horrible next to all the others!

There's a petition to stop the discontinuation of polaroids (that doesn't make sense...) here
go go go sign!!!
apparently they're also in talks with hopefully they'll still be made.

in other news, i like to paint my face a little:

it looks like chocolate.
sadly it is acrylic paint.
excuse the stupid face.

anyway. i have now completed my most pointless post ever.

Friday, 22 February 2008

it was all worth it.

Art Is The Cure

I found this on myspace:

"About a year ago I was contacted by a girl who had seen my paintings on myspace and asked me about them. I told her what they were about, what was going on in my life at the time and how painting got the negativity out of my system and was able to show people it when it was finished and tell my story.

A few days without a reply went by and then I heard back from her. She explained to me that she was battling depression and often resorted to self harming. After talking to me about my paintings she went out and bought paints, canvases, brushes etc and locked herself away for a few days alone painting. She had never been into art before but the effect it had on her was amazing. She told me that she no longer felt the need to self harm as she had a new release in painting. The email ended 'thank you for saving my life'.
Art is the cure is a project I've wanted to do for a long time to help more people suffering from depression.
Art is a hugely powerful cure and has the ability to save lives and inspire others. It is a positive and constructive outlet that is able to turn the negative emotions into a something that can tell a story to others and inspire more people.
My hope with art is the cure is that I am able to spread this message of hope and help make the world a more colourful and happy place."

I think this is a wonderful idea, set up by, from what contact I've had with him, a really lovely guy.
He runs a clothing company, deadscene which produces some really awesome designs too.

Check it out, add him, put a banner up...
go on (:

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Falmouth, Cornwall.

So. I've found the cable, and here are some pictures from my visit to Falmouth. They're only snapshots, but it was such a beautiful place.

what i wore for the journey.
{black dress and grey top (under dress), h&m. grey cardigan, new look. grey tights, primark. boots, la redoute. bag, market.}


my bags (: (minus porfolio.)

we had the best room, i reckon (:



pre interview...

i just wore my red dress as it wasn't a suit affair.
all the girls were really well&interestingly dressed, which made me even more nervous =/
the interview its self was horrible. i didn't stop shaking, and the interviewer was pretty negative about my work.
i tried to stand up for it (it seems that's what they want) and he said after that it was a good interview. i don't know though.
two weeks to wait...

gold shoes.

miss selfridge, £5.
gold (:

love, suspended.

my beautiful Valentine's gift (:
a heart locket charm bracelet thing

and some more random photographs, taken at around 14:35 on any given day, when the light is beautiful in my room.

my favorite necklace...from etsy.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

in the mean time...


(i didn't take this photo.)

it's beautiful.
here are my shoddy first attempts:

these are now on my boyfriend's valentine's day card.

he got me a moleskine !!!
what a love (:
during my fifty minute wait for the bus after losing my purse and then finding it in my bag after i'd traveled back to find it i did these:

(my hand writing is diabolical. this says:
"failure to observe this advice will result in much stress, annoyance and several wasted hours...")

i'm now going to clean my room.


i can't blog until i find the cable to upload my photos.

I'm tired.

Monday, 11 February 2008

...i'm dead...

i won't be online for the next day or so (big deal...) as i have a university interview.
im scared.
it's all the way down in Falmouth, Cornwall, which is 320 miles away.
i've actually already accepted a place in Farnham for Art Foundation but seeing as i spent a frantic ten days doing the entry project to even get an interview for Falmouth, i might as well see what they thought of it...

i will, without a doubt, come back with hundreds of pointless photographs of roads, skys, sea, and my mum and i.

i am really nervous.
and i've got another 24 hours and 45 minutes to get even more worked up...

Thursday, 7 February 2008

bang bang!

i want bangs.
or a fringe, because i'm english.
i used to have one (will go searching for pictures at some point...) but i let it grow out and haven't been daring enough to have my hair cut for ages.
but i decided to try and recreate what a fringe might look like, and came up with this...

my face is quite round, so i'm not sure on whether it just makes it look fat.
i dunnoooo.



that cardigan again
those boots again

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


i love birds, light, windows, and the idea of constraint, imprisonment and freedom.

the hunt for the perfect birdcage continues...

ps: are my blogs too..unrelated and pointless? or is a load of random photographs interesting?

in the leaves

my new coat!
it's got beautiful "hippie sleeves" and is a lovely shape.
brilliant for £15, and it's 50% wool...
woohoo for (:
they really do have some lovely things on there.

ps, does anyone have any ideas what i can do with my hair? it's always such a mess and i want a change...
oh, and i refuse to dye it. i like being a ging (:

Sunday, 3 February 2008


friday- college followed by cinema
grey top & jeans- miss selfridge (£7&£9)
cardigan - oxfam (£4)
i wore my beautiful gold shoes. miss selfridge again...
my hair was wet and skanky and i wasn't wearing makeup, hence the weird pose.

dress & boots- (£15& about £40...)
i really like this dress, and the crinkles in it will probably look better when i wash it and re-crinkle it.

i was really looking forward to going to London- i had it planned to meet up with college friends after seeing a friend from London, but the college friends didn't bother turning up. Being stranded in a city which is actually quite big and scary with no money to buy lots of clothes and stuff is not my idea of a laugh.

check out my birthday mannequin...