Sunday, 3 February 2008


friday- college followed by cinema
grey top & jeans- miss selfridge (£7&£9)
cardigan - oxfam (£4)
i wore my beautiful gold shoes. miss selfridge again...
my hair was wet and skanky and i wasn't wearing makeup, hence the weird pose.

dress & boots- (£15& about £40...)
i really like this dress, and the crinkles in it will probably look better when i wash it and re-crinkle it.

i was really looking forward to going to London- i had it planned to meet up with college friends after seeing a friend from London, but the college friends didn't bother turning up. Being stranded in a city which is actually quite big and scary with no money to buy lots of clothes and stuff is not my idea of a laugh.

check out my birthday mannequin...


kirsty lee said...

love the cardigan... are those metal buttons?

and i want to see the gold shoes!

ps i moved my blog and changed it's name. annoying i know, thought it best to do it now rather than later since it's still early days.

new address

the poppy lee one doesn't work anymore so you'll need to update links, when you can be arsed.

updated too so keep reading x

Anonymous said...

Love the last shot!

alexgirl said...

I love that dress! so pretty. And the way your hair is blurry in the last picture looks so cool. Very artistic.

Unknown said...

really amazing dress, and the cardigan looks super :)

love reading the blog, great fun :)

Michelle said...

Ah I always wanted a mannequin! You look so cute as well.