Wednesday, 27 August 2008

moving moving.

Hellooo (:

and not just moving my head around.

I've decided to start a new blog. I've decided this blog has become more 'MESS MESS MESS' than fashion, art and mess.

check it out (: i like it more than this one.

Monday, 25 August 2008


the second roll of diana i've had developed.
the first was one big lightleak.
i'm really upset, because i KNOW i removed the film right. i was standing in a cupboard in the middle of a building! no light!!! ho hum...

Lake Maggiorie, Italy.

Zurmat, Switzerland

Thursday, 21 August 2008

151 posts.

haha, my last post was my 150th! i should have made a bigger deal of it!
i'm not back blogging, yet, but i thought i'd show you the polaroids i took on holiday. get ready for a long post...

a dreamy river.

a long journey.

a beautiful drive.

a cloudy day.

an attempt.

a roadside shrine.

a place, revisited.

a friendly ride.

a famous mountain.
(the matterhorn)

a slippery slope.

a family shot.

a worrying drop.

a bored moment.

a windy day.

a surreal light.

a different world, a bad scan.

a treasured image.

a dear, unknown place.

After some confusion over when Fresher's actually starts for me, it's now clear that I leave for University in two weeks. shitshit.
I'm hoping that whilst packing, i'll get a better idea of who i am, or something, or at least, WHAT i want to wear so i can start blogging again! i was thinking of maybe starting a whole new blog? i don't know.
but, THANK YOU for all your lovely comments. and reassurances. and everything

Friday, 15 August 2008

taking breaks.

I know that my posting has been pretty sporadic and crappy for...erm...ever, but i'm going to take an official break from blogging for a while.
In a month (to the day, actually...) i will be starting my art foundation course at university. this scares the living shit out of me. everything will change.
Holiday, instead of soothing my nerves, has made me even more unsure about everything than usual.
When I get my holiday snaps developed I will probably post them, but for the moment I'd rather keep my mug off of here. i'm not being stalked, or wanted by the police, honest!

I hope i won't compleltly lose everyone from reading my blog! and, my self inforced ban will probably allow me to read other people's blogs, and actually comment, without feeling like a bad person for being fat, ugly and unfashionable!

i hope everyone's having a wonderful summer, and anyone who got A Level results yesterday I HOPE YOU DID WELL!!
let the manic, terrifying preparations commence...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


so, here i am! in switzerland, yay yay.
it's currently 9.30 in the evening and i'm sitting next to a swimming pool, with lots of flowers and mountains and stuff around. here are some pictures i took during the journey here. i now thank my parents for driving, because i get to see so many more beautiful places than i would otherwise!


youth hostel in Troyes.
well. a steam next to it.

Troyes- a historic town in France.

coconut ice makes up for me being so short...

they had really cute espresso cups!

this bag- i found it in a charity shop and loved it. the label said £10, which i thought to be quite steep, but i opened it up and there was a wonderful polaroid camera inside! with film in it!! it was expired, but still made me very very happy.
and it holds any one of my cameras, with my new compact slipped in the side. or my phone.

lake geneva + reflections

sunset in susten, where we're staying.


i got a compact digital camera with some birthday money, which takes photographs underwater. this will bring hours of enjoyment! i've taken some films, but they're taking ages to upload...maybe another time...

i hope you're all well!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

we're all going on a summer holiday!

no more working for a week or two (:

at 4am on monday morning the drive from gatwick, england, to susten, switzerland commences.
eight hundred miles.
two days in a fucking car.
why can't we just go somewhere normal!? carbon footprint, parents!!

anyway, whilst i'm away i'm going to think about what direction i want my blog to take. at the moment, it's more 'mess' than anything else, and it's irritating me. any ideas? to be honest, the 'fashion' part of this blog has always been a bit shit. i'm not the most creative of dressers, and probably never will be.
but, i'd like to keep up the 'art and mess' part of it.
answers on a postcard?

before i leave, i'm planning on actually making my new banner that i took the photographs for ages ago. lazy annah.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

warm days.

london. dianaf+

view from a train approaching london bridge - london bridge - a view from half way up the hill to greenwich observatory - greenwich park

home. polaroid

pure silk blouse from river island - pre-storm