Thursday, 21 August 2008

151 posts.

haha, my last post was my 150th! i should have made a bigger deal of it!
i'm not back blogging, yet, but i thought i'd show you the polaroids i took on holiday. get ready for a long post...

a dreamy river.

a long journey.

a beautiful drive.

a cloudy day.

an attempt.

a roadside shrine.

a place, revisited.

a friendly ride.

a famous mountain.
(the matterhorn)

a slippery slope.

a family shot.

a worrying drop.

a bored moment.

a windy day.

a surreal light.

a different world, a bad scan.

a treasured image.

a dear, unknown place.

After some confusion over when Fresher's actually starts for me, it's now clear that I leave for University in two weeks. shitshit.
I'm hoping that whilst packing, i'll get a better idea of who i am, or something, or at least, WHAT i want to wear so i can start blogging again! i was thinking of maybe starting a whole new blog? i don't know.
but, THANK YOU for all your lovely comments. and reassurances. and everything


Anonymous said...

"a surreal light" - love, love, love.

Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

loved looking at these, i especially like the donkeys!

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I love your polaroids! Looks like such a wonderful trip.

Vi said...

polaroids! :D I love them!

KATLIN said...

You make me want to capture my life in polaroids! They really show the moment in a special way. I love the horsey picture and the one of the lift with the mountains in the background.

Anna Pope said...


Raez said...

these pictures are absolutely stunning. all the best with universoty!

..... said...

god i wanna take pics like u !! so beautifull

Liv Bambola said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos. Make me want to buy a polaroid camera!! Hope you're having a wonderful time on holiday...

Lana said...

Great polaroids, and I love your header!

Gia said...

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Carlota♡ said...

ilove your blog its soo inpiring! :D
do you have a diana f+ ?? i also so :)

follow eachother?

tessa said...

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

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Istituto Marangoni said...

nice post, thanks for sharing....

LeatherBaba said...

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