Thursday, 31 January 2008

rainy hair

today it was really rainy and windy, but i decided to display my legs for the first time in a while anyway.

brown coat: la redoute
green bag: primark
tote: free from topshop yay!
dress&cardigan: new look
boots: joe browns

my hair goes crazier in the rain =/

my lovely boyfriend made me feel nice about wearing a dress, so i straightened his hair....

my parents got an amazing wardrobe the other's victorian and HUGE..

oh and my little brother got turtles for christmas

the breed is called "stinkpot"

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

sunshine on my window

i love light.

i came home from college today after less than one lesson, feeling horrible horrible horrible. i've been asleep for hours (:
anyway, i had twenty minutes to wait for my bus, so i decided to get the top i saw two weeks ago and loved.

it has a tiny rip in it, so i got a whole £5 off...making it £7.
happy (:

tiny rip..

how versatile...


Saturday, 26 January 2008


these are the starts of the photos i will use for my illustrations (see below...)
it's the first time i've ever stopped people (even if i do know half of them..) to ask to take their photo, so they were speaking in half of them and therefore are not the most flattering of pictures...

doodle for your A level...

so, a while a go i said i'd post some of my illustration stuff.
so i will. it's not fantastic, but i'm getting to develop my own style, which is a start...
tell me what you think !

these are pictures copied from once i didn't trace them, so i'm reasonably proud of how they turned out...

they're all a bit rough around the edges, but it's the first time i've worked like this so i'm reasonably proud of the outcomes (:
i've now done some experiments on fabric, and am taking my own photographs to work from...

what do you think?

Monday, 21 January 2008

help! and hand

so, i still can't decide whether to keep this skirt:

i got it in the h&m sale for £10. i really like it, but have no idea what to wear it with, or whether it looks too tight (it's a size too small)

so...pretty please, any ideas/advice/criticism...

and this is what i wore today...

my boyfriend's hand. all day
isn't it a lovely hand?
oh, and i wore some clothes. a lacy blue top which used to be a SUPER LONG NIGHTY and several scarves and my comfy cardi

grey grey rainy day

grey grey rainy clothes


Yes, that is where we hang out.
and get chucked out of, because we are "in the way"
as you can see, this space is very regularly used, and cleaned.

URGH. will restrain for rant...

Sunday, 20 January 2008

butterflies in my head...

someone please explain to me how Alexander McQueen can be so AMAZINGGGG

this just looks (to me) like a combination of Balenciaga's jodhpurs and crazy structured dresses...

real feathers?!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

poor boys ):

the subject of boys clothing often crops up in conversation.
at the moment, it usually consists of "WHY ARE THERE NO WATERPROOF SHOES FOR BOYS?!" as my poor boyfriend has to walk stupid miles home down a stream, laughingly called a country track.

the variety of boys clothing is, in my opinion, rather crap:
jeans, t shirt, hoody, skate shoes
skinnies, slogan tshirt, converse
skinnies, shirt, pointy shoes, tie


yes, you do get amazingly dressed boys, but...i'm SO glad i'm a girl....

*fuco ueda

*fuco ueda

so, i don't know who they are or...if fuco ueda is their real name, all i know is that they're from japan, they're 28 and they create the most beautiful illustrations.

i just think they're exquisite. the detail and beautiful colours just...make me so envious!
perhaps it's the little-girl-turned-not-so-innocent feel to them, combined with the beautifully drawn octopuses, seahorses and nautical schoolish uniforms.

anyway, i'm in love.

they're all pretty small...mostly about 25x35cm
most seem to be acrylic paint on cloth or wood.