Sunday, 27 April 2008

5 things

I love it when i come across new blogs (especially when they're from close-ish to home!) so i was really pleased when thrill and frills tagged me for 5 things...

5 Things found in my bag:

- technology- phone, mp3 player, camera

- moleskine + pens

- wallet

- college notes

- books- currently Strange Meeting, Journey's End and Lyrical Ballads for the beautiful thing that is revision...

5 Things found in my purse:

- student I.D.

- bus+ train pass

- debit card + store point cards

-library card!

- receipts

5 Favourite things in my room:

- all of my posters. which have been obsessively arranged so they're straight-ish and 'flow' from colour to colour...

-my apple+printer

- cameras

- polaroids+notes from my boyfriend

- my picture holder in the shape of a heart that has birds on it. it's awesome.

5 Things I always wanted to do:

- be an artists!

- go to japan and india and sweden

- see the northern lights

- live in the city

- lie on the top of a hill for 24 hours to see sunrise, cloud formations, sun, rain, sunset and stars.

5 Things I am currently into:

- making scrapbooks instead of doing revision blogs

- Patrick Wolf's voice.

- plum stuff. plum jam and plum yoghurt,

- birds and butterflies and beetles

- laying on my bed with the windows open and the sun shining and feeling the breeze

The person who tagged you is: thrills and frills

Your 5 impressions of her:

- i am jealous because she works at topshop!

- she seems slightly but wonderfully attracted to blazers!

- she has great sense of style! picking out things i would dismiss, like this skirt

-how she picks up high-street clothes, but makes them look completely her own!

-i love her hair! her fringe suits her completely!

too many completelys..



style rookie

cinnamon, coffee and laughs

strawberry kitten

the clothes horse

Friday, 25 April 2008


the newest turtle in the tank.
he is simply amazing. and astonishingly tiny.
i hope he never gets fat like his tank-mates...

[please excuse my completely naked and un-madeup face...]
he moves so fast!! he ran OFF OF MY HAND and fell onto the desk and then the floor
i actually nearly died of a heart attack
but he's alright, thank god...


belt: £2.99, Oxfam
real leather, originally from country comforts.
dress: £5, h&m
pale arms: the ginger gene.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

picking up on her vibe...

Poppy Lee from that's just my vibe, really recently posted about cheap imitations of designer dresses, a la Primark.

I went in today, and saw this necklace:

i got this exact necklace in a silver for my mum last year, at four times the price from Topshop.
but at £1.50, i could not resist, and may well go back and get a few more (providing they're still there...) to dismantle and use for something else!

It's not only designers they rip off, but other highstreet stores too...

Sadly, they're more in my price range than other places.
I need a job...


I got these jeans when I was in London, but I haven't posted them because I feel really self conscious about my size in them. I wore them to college (first time i've worn skinnies in over a year...) and people seemed to like them, so i decided to post.
I got the top and scarf from H&M cause i had a 20% off voucher- they're different colours for me, but I quite like it (:

scarf&red top: h&m, cardigan: ASDA, aged 9-10 [that's one huuuge 9-10 year old!!], jeans: dorothy perkins, black strappy: primark, belt: charity shop, shoes: miss selfridge

Sunday, 20 April 2008

photograph of the day...

(click to enlarge)

David Ruiz for Americas Next Top Model cycle 7, episode 11.

One day..I want to shoot underwater.
In my dreams, I want to model underwater.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

busy times.

I apologise for my sporadic posting at the moment.
there's several reasons for this
1) stress from exams- i have my A2 exams coming up and i really should be doing more work for them and spending much less time online...
2) lack of wearing and photographing good outfits- i don't feel comfortable either wearing or displaying interesting outfits half the time- i will work on getting my confidence up. one day...

and general lack of creativity.

if i'm honest, i don't really know where I'm going with ths blog. Half the time I just post a load of photos i've taken which aren't particularly fantastic or interesting. I don't talk about fashion, art, so most of this is just mess.

maybe after the exams (57 days and counting...)I'll have more time to cultivate (i like that reminds me of plants) this blog.

But, thank you, really, thank you for anyone who's ever commented my blog, because...i've never heard a bad word from any of you, just encouragement and advice.


Sunday, 13 April 2008

oxford street has a lot of h&ms...

i wonder why.
but i bought this skirt:

i look like i have a huge head!! i despair with my proportions. actually, my body in general. but hey.
i'm not sure if you're meant to wear it high like this, or dropped down a bit like this...

pockets!!! ahhh. h&m and their pockets. so lovely (:
i also got the SUPER long socks (they're about the length of my whole legs) for £2 from h&m, which was fun

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

i'm watching you...

my best friend has the best watch ever.

i believe it's from modcloth

I wish i'd forced her to let me take photographs..

dreamlike, childlike,

I don't know how many of you keep an eye on foto decadent on live journal, but if you don't, you should! it's full of beautiful (and weird) photographic spreads and stuff (:

here's some photographs by Carl Bengtsson that have really caught my eye. I really need to pluck up the courage to do a photoshoot of my own...get over the fear of telling people what to do!

images from here

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

a busy few days!

I've had several things to blog about but not enough time to do it!

so here goes...

On Saturday I went down to Brighton with my boyfriend to Moshi Moshi (a sushi restaurant) to celebrate his 18th birthday (and our four month anniversary (: )
I wanted to dress up a bit, so my choices were limited dress (: but it's my favorite so that's good (:

i got it around Christmas in the Miss Selfridge's 100% silk and was marked down to £30 =D
i just wish it didn't bunch around the bust so much =/
i tried it with grey and black tights but they show right through =/ risky...but i like the cream (:
i did my hair in "milk-maid" braids

dress: miss selfridge. shoes: primark. tights: new look. jacket: brighton laines

I'd never had sushi before so i was slightly nervous, but it all worked out perfectly (:
moshi moshi is such a cool's like a prefab, dropped in the middle of a square surrounded by a hotel and office blocks. there's a sushi-go-round and most of the staff are native Japanese.
unfortunately i messed up the ISO so all the images came out badly and very red.

ed's Korean Spiced Pork

my huuuuge sushi platter. yum yum
we also had miso soup and i'm now addicted...

the bar...


...& I (:

a perfect evening (:

when we woke up...
i wish i had got out to take some proper pictures, but here are some taken out of an open window..

during the day we went back down to Brighton to find some jeans for Ed. Shopping for jeans is the worst thing in the world.
but we found some lovely Superdry ones (:

the end (:

Thursday, 3 April 2008

April Resolution

remember to comment on people's blogs!!
or, more specifically, don't exit the tab while it's still working.
i have just realised that this means it does not post.


mr. toad wins modelling contract..

I went charity shopping.
I can't decide if I like the term "thrifting" more..
Anyway, I went and bought some second hand things and then put them on mr toad.

sterling silver, 50p


£3.50, real leather
there's a lovely "I S" inscription on the front- Any suggestions for what this stands for?
I'm thinking...
Isabella Slightly.


it's a bit broken, but i shall fix it (:

£1 again!

then dear Toady threw a diva hissy fit and insisted that the camera be taken away from him.

£1! it's really cheap and horrible metal, but..i like cheap and horrible (:

I also bought some lovely fabric for £1.50. It has birds and twigs on it (an underlying theme..?)
There are two pieces, one measuring 140x120 cms, the other 140x58 cms.
I can't actually sew yet, but I'm taking a course in June, so...maybe it will become a badly made skirt, or dress (:

they match!

they sit in bushes!

I like our rabbit stopping gate.
sadly my rabbit got eaten by a cat.

sorry...yet another picture heavy blog. the pictures aren't that great- i got a new lens and i'm getting used to it still...

these boots were made for walking..

and then i walked in them a lot and the turned into crocodiles.

ah, the joys of photoshop and stock images.