Thursday, 3 April 2008

mr. toad wins modelling contract..

I went charity shopping.
I can't decide if I like the term "thrifting" more..
Anyway, I went and bought some second hand things and then put them on mr toad.

sterling silver, 50p


£3.50, real leather
there's a lovely "I S" inscription on the front- Any suggestions for what this stands for?
I'm thinking...
Isabella Slightly.


it's a bit broken, but i shall fix it (:

£1 again!

then dear Toady threw a diva hissy fit and insisted that the camera be taken away from him.

£1! it's really cheap and horrible metal, but..i like cheap and horrible (:

I also bought some lovely fabric for £1.50. It has birds and twigs on it (an underlying theme..?)
There are two pieces, one measuring 140x120 cms, the other 140x58 cms.
I can't actually sew yet, but I'm taking a course in June, so...maybe it will become a badly made skirt, or dress (:

they match!

they sit in bushes!

I like our rabbit stopping gate.
sadly my rabbit got eaten by a cat.

sorry...yet another picture heavy blog. the pictures aren't that great- i got a new lens and i'm getting used to it still...


yulanda said...

Some great finds. I love birds and twigs too. Mr. Toady is so charming in those top photos. Such a shame he threw that hissy fit.

The Clothes Horse said...

Everything is so pretty. You found such lovely pieces and great way to photograph them.

Anonymous said...

Lovely way of photographing your stuff! mr. toad is a great model... the fabric you've found is wonderful, too!

the iron chic said...

Britain's next Top Toad!

poppy lee said...

wow so much nice stuff. this makes me thing i soul dbe more inventive with my photos. althogh i don't have a garden, if only!

still haven't done the 8 things thing! i'm so rubbish.

Miss Woo said...

Can't believe you don't think your pictures are that great, I think they are wonderful! The bird necklace is the cuteness.

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff!

Anna Pope said...

Hey, I've found your site through other some very nice blog-hopping and I've linked you, hope you don't mind. I really love your photos, you're really really talented!

Great finds, I love love love the broken necklace and the very fashionable Mr. Toad!