Thursday, 24 April 2008


I got these jeans when I was in London, but I haven't posted them because I feel really self conscious about my size in them. I wore them to college (first time i've worn skinnies in over a year...) and people seemed to like them, so i decided to post.
I got the top and scarf from H&M cause i had a 20% off voucher- they're different colours for me, but I quite like it (:

scarf&red top: h&m, cardigan: ASDA, aged 9-10 [that's one huuuge 9-10 year old!!], jeans: dorothy perkins, black strappy: primark, belt: charity shop, shoes: miss selfridge


Michelle said...

I think you look really cute in them! And with the gold shoes are really nice too.

I forgot to mention that the video is by Martin Craft

I saw a bit of your favourite songs in the list post so I think you might like him :)

Anonymous said...

You look good in the jeans! & I love the touch of yellow ;)