Sunday, 20 April 2008

photograph of the day...

(click to enlarge)

David Ruiz for Americas Next Top Model cycle 7, episode 11.

One day..I want to shoot underwater.
In my dreams, I want to model underwater.


Benedicte said...

Those photos look really cool, wish I could something like that .p

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I want to shoot underwater too. And a shower shot with the droplets...but no nudity for me!

my name's Morgan. said...

I love americas top model..the shoots are always so inventive =]
just came across your blog,
its really good, interesting..
have you been blogging for a while?

my name's Morgan. said...

thanks heaps =]
i added you to mine as well..just figured out how to do it, haha

the graffiti was on the sides of this "Goodyear Tyres" building..apparently the owner had some problems with kids graffitiing it, so he hired some proffessionals to do it so that it would at least look good... haha xD


Unknown said...

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