Friday, 25 April 2008


belt: £2.99, Oxfam
real leather, originally from country comforts.
dress: £5, h&m
pale arms: the ginger gene.


Agathine said...

i love the dress
i love the belt
and i love the picture
ver very nice and CHIC!

Liberty said...

Rock the pale skin! I have to keep out of the sun because I hate being tanned it looks awful with my hair (I join the red hair family artificially) love the belt also looks great with the dress.

Anonymous said...

This looks stunning. That belt was a fantastic find! Trust you!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a great belt!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I am searching for a belt like this!

Hunters Glory said...

That is a very very stylish belt! Fashion around the waist!

kirsty lee said...

i also have pale arms, courtesy of the ginger gene (i'm naturally auburn)

on saturday i managed to acheive one pale arm and one bright red one after too much time in the sun. i'm guessing you can probably relate!

on a more relevant note, really love the belt

Michelle said...

So jealous you found a belt like that. The dress looks cute too from what I see.

Jenny Cindy said...

Love it, belted dresses are such an nice look and this is an especially nice example.
And I also like the pale skin ;) It's the new tan!