Friday, 22 February 2008

Art Is The Cure

I found this on myspace:

"About a year ago I was contacted by a girl who had seen my paintings on myspace and asked me about them. I told her what they were about, what was going on in my life at the time and how painting got the negativity out of my system and was able to show people it when it was finished and tell my story.

A few days without a reply went by and then I heard back from her. She explained to me that she was battling depression and often resorted to self harming. After talking to me about my paintings she went out and bought paints, canvases, brushes etc and locked herself away for a few days alone painting. She had never been into art before but the effect it had on her was amazing. She told me that she no longer felt the need to self harm as she had a new release in painting. The email ended 'thank you for saving my life'.
Art is the cure is a project I've wanted to do for a long time to help more people suffering from depression.
Art is a hugely powerful cure and has the ability to save lives and inspire others. It is a positive and constructive outlet that is able to turn the negative emotions into a something that can tell a story to others and inspire more people.
My hope with art is the cure is that I am able to spread this message of hope and help make the world a more colourful and happy place."

I think this is a wonderful idea, set up by, from what contact I've had with him, a really lovely guy.
He runs a clothing company, deadscene which produces some really awesome designs too.

Check it out, add him, put a banner up...
go on (:

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