Thursday, 7 February 2008

bang bang!

i want bangs.
or a fringe, because i'm english.
i used to have one (will go searching for pictures at some point...) but i let it grow out and haven't been daring enough to have my hair cut for ages.
but i decided to try and recreate what a fringe might look like, and came up with this...

my face is quite round, so i'm not sure on whether it just makes it look fat.
i dunnoooo.



that cardigan again
those boots again


kirsty lee said...

DEFINITELY go for it with the fringe!

it took me about two years to work up to mine. i kept pulling hair across my face like you and it always looked a bit odd, but when i got the real thing it totally worked and i wished i'd done it sooner.

you could start with a slightly side-sweeping one to ease yourself into it if you're not sure. though if you had one before you probably don't need to.

i say DO IT.

Anonymous said...

The side swept fringe definitely works for you!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I like the fringe and the side sweep of it too. The dress is terrific. And I repeat my favorite sweater a lot too.

Soul Tanggg said...

i think the bangs would be a lovely look on you!

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Just found your blog and love it! I say go for the bangs. Oops, I mean fringe!

Michelle said...

I think a long side swept fringe, as suggested above would definitely be very cute!

Elizabeth Jellison said...

I want bangs too! But I have a funny cowlick, and I don't want them to stick straight up. You would look good, don't worry about your face!

Caroline said...

i think it would look great on you! for sure go with it. on me...they make me look so much younger, i hated it. but on some people it works nicely.

LDF said...

Just do it!!!
Your hair looks nice both ways...lucky!

nAti said...

what a lovely dress.
you have such a beautiful hair.