Friday, 2 May 2008

point and shoot!

Today was the worst day in the history of life.

Exaggeration. But I smell of chemicals, and my exam went really badly.
To be honest, when you wake up and realise it's the nicest day outside, and you're going to be stuck in a black room with red lights for seven hours, it puts you in a bad mindset!
also, when all of your photos come out contaminated by some unknown liquid in one of four containers, you become frustrated.
okay, i'm sounding really depressing when i'm actually in a really good mood.
but all of my photos came out with a metalic-y bronze-gold THING on them. it's washed off but has also wasted about an hour out of 14. it looks cool though:

if not a little messy.

i also topped my most basic outfit in two years list, by wearing skinnies, a vest top and a cardigan. i am ashamed of myself.
here is a picture of me looking very chub:

jeans: Dorothy Perkins
vest: a gorgeous colour from la redoute
cardigan: oxfam


louise said...

i really like that picture, its come out well

at least the exam is over now!

Anonymous said...

The picture came our really cool. Like youe outfit, cute!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Great pictures--I really like the mood in the first and the attitude in the second!


ahhhw too bad you couldnt enjoy the nice weather, but at least the hard work payed off and the pics turned out quite interesting!

Anonymous said...

Love the image that came out of the mini disaster though....

Michelle said...

I like your pictures, I thought the effect looks really nice! and I hate being stuck in doors when the weather is lovely too..

Michelle said...

But in regard to your comment, annah you have wonderful style! and I want to come and steal your dresses;) hehe.

Anna Pope said...

I love the second picture and your pose (or probably the camera since I have a huge camera fetish ;D)

louise said...

aww thats rubbish about friday too but it'll be worth it in the end, good luck for it though.

topshop socks are sooo good, i literally can't shut my sock drawer now, i have too many pairs

Erin said...

I agree, that picture came out really cool.
I like your blog, I am linking you!

Elle said...

that sucks, but i love the picture.
and you do not look chubs.