Saturday, 10 May 2008

"bloggity blog blog"

i was taking an outfit shot today, when my dad wandered outside and viciously called me vain.
to which i replied "blog, dad."
to which he replied "bloggity blog blog bloggity blog"
it reminded me of a frog.
it was funny at the time, honest!

i wore my hair up for once!!

white top- primark
green top & necklace- primark (i really am ashamed...)
jeans- miss selfridge
sandals- some shoe shop
gold band- fabric shop


Michelle said...

Ha, I had the same thing with my brother. He always takes the piss whenever he saw me setting up my camera, until I shoo him away..

AlicePleasance said...

Your hair looks great, I love the color. And I like a lot the necklace too :-)

Grace. said...

not over cluttered:)
i love, love love the color of your hair, you have no idea how much I would give for that.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, you look so very radiant. Your hair looks great, I wish I could put my hair up in a way that looked sophisticated, rather than trampy! *jealousy*

The necklace is très belle toooo!

kirsty lee said...

ha i think my mum thinks the whole blogging thing is pretty wierd. mainly as she realises how much money i actually spend on clothes.

Anonymous said...

Love the headband....

LJ said...

wow your hair is gorgeous! Especially like that. Makes me wish mine was still long again

yiqin; said...

You have AWESOME hair & I really really love the necklace!