Sunday, 13 July 2008

wardrobe remix.

today, i started the terrifying task of sorting out my wardrobe. i am a very messy person. very very messy.
anyway, my wardrobe is now completely cleared out, and things are organised, with stuff still to sort out neatly (well...neatly-ish) boxed at the bottom.
i've still got an under-bed box, and a huge packing case to sort out, most of which will be sent to charity shops/ebayed. i will take some pictures of things, and if anyone sees anything they might be interested, let me know and i will take proper pictures of them for you to see. plus i'll sell them cheap.

anyway. with all of my clothes out of my wardrobe and in very neat piles, i decided to play with some pieces that i rarely/have never worn out before, and my new skirt and blazer. here are my hilarous results.
PLEASE NOTE. i look like a twat in all of these. i wasn't wearing any make up, and it was an 'i need makeup day'. the later pictures are particularly cringe-worthy...but i'm not getting all of my clothes out of my wardrobe to re-shoot...


reading Murakami- READ SOME OF HIS WORK. i love love love him.
plus he's Japanese. I'm not going to go into my serious weird crush on japanese men...ahem.

okay, this doesn't quite work. the introduction of dark colours is too much, i think (the tights match better in real life...) but i might play around with different combinations, maybe dark tights...
skirt- h&m
blouse- charity shop
shoes- peacocks
tights- portobello road market


okay. these photos...i look like i'm trying to be a domonatrix or something. i was actually trying to show the shape of the trousers, and look 'fierce'...


i actually quite like this, even if it is very different to what i normally wear.
i got the weird trousers from a topshop sale for £3, and i developed a weird liking for them. the blouse is something mum just bought home from work,'s a wonderful shape:

it's got bat-wing arms, and a cowl-ish neck, which is unbuttoned here...

trousers- topshop
shirt- school dressing up box
shoes- primark

jeans- topshop
corset top- tammy girl when i was 13.
here, i was trying to channel susie bubble (who, normally, i would not even ATTEMPT to imitate...i would look even MORE stupid than i do normally) by turning my garment up-side-down. it worked surprisingly well! especially with the blazer. if i do actually wear this out, i'll wear it with a strappy top, not the weird corset-y one i was wearing, and i'd probably wear the shirt inside out so you didn't see the stitching. and...with either a simple black skirt and tights, or straight black trousers and heels.

and finally, just trying the blazer with some other shirts...

blouse- MK1

as you may or may not have noticed, i like this blazer.

my tidy wardrobe (: even though it looks a bit dingy and dark =/

my box of things to alter...


Anonymous said...

I was about to say those pants are so different from what you usually wear, then I read the text. HOWEVER, those pants look absolutely amazing on you! I really love the whole ensemble in the first pants photo, and without the blazer too. The blouse is perfect with it.

Anonymous said...

Er, phwoar. These clothes are cool, man. I particularly like the white ruffly things with the navy jacket. They make you look like a man from a period drama (which is a good think in my book). The shirt and troosers are really good too. Different, but you pull them off with aplombombomb.

yiqin; said...

My my. I LOVE the tights, the grey shoes & the floral skirt! & the fierce photo is amazing. You go girl!!

Paris said...

Oh wow the trousers are so so FIERCE!! I want some!!xx

elisabeth said...

wow wow wow :D those trousers and that shirt are awesome!!!!you look absolutly amazing those pictures and i have to say you suit fierce looking makeup - even if it was just photoshoped on!

Michelle said...

All are ace, but I esp love you in the first outfit with the floral skirt.

Anonymous said...

you look fab! i have that green floral top that you're going to alter..from primark yes?

i wondered what you're going to do with it..its soo baggy, ive wanted to do something to mine for ages!

looby xx

HANNAH-ZOË said...

OH i love that white top! your pant are also really cool i do like the shape a lot.

Kimberley said...

Love all the outfits, and for someone who says that they're not keen on wearing skirts, that one looks stunning with the tights and blouse! XXXX

Hanna said...

You resemble Lily Cole in the second set of pictures

Caitlin said...

I really like the green shirt with the pants, it looks really neat with your hair color!

kirsty lee said...

i actually really love the skirt-tights-shoes colour combination. if the colours in the tights and skirt had matched absolutelly perfectly it wouldn't look so good.

also a big fan of the blazer with the frilly blouse.

and i seriously wish i owned those trousers.

Caroline said...

urgh that blazer with the collar combinations is so brilliant!