Sunday, 29 June 2008

love birds.

as you may have noticed, i like birds quite a lot.
i went shopping in brighton today, and enjoyed the main perks of having a job: having money!
fortunately work is a lot more bearable now..still tiring but what isn't?!
anyway, i got some lovely things:

a cute love birds clip

a bird mug, from Habitat

a beautiful (and huuuuge) printed paper with Ganesh on it. i will find something cool to do with it...

two antiqued candle holders for my photography teacher- we have the end of year art and photography exhibition on tuesday, where all of our work is showcased. i can't wait! i thought it would be nice to give her something to say thankyou for all she's done!

i also got a lovely top that i intend to wear to it. here's a preview:

and, a dress for my party on saturday...

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

clothes tags, music tags...

I've been tagged by the finitely wonderfully illustrator, Paris in Luella Land [seriously, check her out. she's amazing] to do a music tag thingaling, where i tell you seven songs i'm into right now.
soooo here we go!
(stealing Paris' colour scheme idea...)
i've tried to match the mood of the song to a colour...

song one
I love sol seppy. a lot. her voice is so dreamy, so beautiful. check out the video for Human on her website. this song is about love, and was written for Cartier's LOVE campagine and i just float away every time i listen to it.
i am snow melting in your hand
i will never know, never understand

song two
this is around on the radio a lot at the moment in England. I think it's a really...energising song. it'll probably turn into a summer anthem...

song three
my elder brother is obsessed with this band. obsessed to the point of getting their logo tattooed on his arm...BUT I LIKED THEM FIRST! I just think this song is amazing. pure...amazing. there's just something about it. CHECK THEM OUT. and, if you like them, see them live. i'm not a HUGE live music fan, but i've seen them twice and they're ace.

song five
This song always makes me feel so much better when i'm down. i went through a phase of being obsessed with Le Tigre, and although I'm not so much now, I still love them.

song four
i love goldfrapp. full stop.
i love the...sexiness of this song. and the beat. yup.

song six
I think Regina is Ace. Ace. she has so many different 'sounds' and moods to her music, and she sounds so cute in live recordings. this song, Samson, Aquarius and No One are my favorites of hers.

song seven
I think everyone loves radiohead. there's so much of their music to choose from, but i love the up-beat-ness of this song. plus, they're one of the few bands my boyfriend and i have a common intrest in!

my mood colouring is kinda off.

cheapskate chic
that's just my vibe, really
history books
adrift in the blogosphere
beja beja
leopard print and lace
sarah says

country comforts.

although i don't technically live in the country side, i live in a relatively small village, near to the south downs. my parents have kept an allotment for several years, and today mum and i went down and picked some strawberries and raspberries. they were SO YUMMY. i wish i could send each of you a little sample, because they're perfect.

my gorgeous new earrings from starsandrocks

all sorts of birds!

a few weeks ago i bought ordered some beautiful peacock feather earrings from starsandrocks on etsy. they were waiting for me when i came home which really cheered me up after a day at work, where the dishwasher was out of service, so we had to wash stuff by hand. booo!

after dinner, my mum and i went down to the allotment, where we grow strawberries and raspberries. We picked (and ate) quite a lot (:
pictures to come!

Monday, 23 June 2008

oh, diana!

As a lot of you know, i'm pretty into photography. I adore the raw, un-altered, 'natural' photography of photographers like Carl Bengtsson and Lina Scheynius and for a while i've been interested in polaroid photography, and since that has become so expensive and hard to access, i've switched my obsession to lomography.

by lomo440

"Lomography emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. Characteristics such as over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, "happy accidents," and alternative film processing are often considered part of the "Lomographic Technique."[citation needed] Users are encouraged to take a lighthearted approach to their photography, and use these techniques to document everyday life, as the Lomo LC-A's small size, simple controls, and ability to shoot in low light encourages candid photography, photo reportage, and photo vérité."

& again..

So, for my birthday, i managed to pursade my parents to get me a diana F+. they seemed suprised that i didn't want to go completely digital, and my dad thinks it's pointless. however i just can't resist the results that dianas can give.
(here are a good collection on deviantart)

my birthday's not until 4th july, but i also managed to make them let me experiment with one film so i can use it to document my birthday (: i'm VERY happy.


i like the mirror effect, obviously!
i like how it makes my garden look.

i actually LOVE this tshirt. it's super comfy, which, as i was home all day, was my focus today (:
i spent most of my day reading, here.

these shorts are new- i got them from fat face in the half price sale.
i'm still not...100% on them, but i don't like how i look in anything right now, so on they go!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

moap mop moan.

i just wrote an extremely long, self pitying post, which would probably have caused everyone to stop reading my blog, but luckily, blogger refused (for some reason) not to post it. i'll take this as a sign from above.

the upshot of it was, that i am very tired and quite demoralised.
but, i will try and get myself out of it, and give myself targets and be positive.
and, not get upset when people shout at me for making coffee wrong. I've only worked two shifts and i'm learning. it's allowed.

anyway, i've got a couple of new things to show, and as i start at 11 tomorrow, i might get to take some photos in the morning (:

thank you to everyone who always comments me, and anyone who's ever commented me! they really make me smile- especially when people compliment me on anything- especially drawings, because i find it so encouraging.
i welcome advice/criticism and stuff, so if you hate it, tell me!! or i'll start to think that people are fibbing and think it's shit :P

Monday, 16 June 2008

captured nostalgia

I'm not a huge t-shirt wearer, but when i was notified of threadless's mega sale a few weeks ago, i decided to check it out.
i got a couple of tshirts for my little brother, and this one for myself:

i think it was $12, so £6, and it's SO soft!
it looks alright with jeans, and i wore it like this tonight to sewing:

i have to make up for my lack of pola film by making fake ones...

Sunday, 15 June 2008

the first day of sun-catching

today was the first day when i had so little to do that i could actually lay out in the sun! i managed to sunbathe and read for about half an hour before i felt sick and had to come in =/
i'm weird with the makes me feel really nauseous, and i can't wear sunglasses because i have a phobia of having things on the bridge of my nose.

anyway, this is a new dress that i wore, bought at fat face for half price (£16)

you can see that i am incredibly pale, and having a bad face day.

later on it got colder, and i went to meet a friend i haven't seen for a while. I meant to get some pictures of her...she has a lovely style, but i forgot =/

i apologise for my awful photographs at the moment- i KNOW i should capitalise on the nice weeather. there are some builders working across the road from us, and my elder brother's home and i feel self-conscious when people see me taking photos of myself. but i will try!

here is a picture i took before helmut newton on friday- i didn't post it but i like it, so here it is again.

is it really bad that i basically did copy Pandora's outfit? i was genuinely inspired by her- i was intending to wear the dress and shoes anyway, but she inspired the socks.

and- does anyone want me to add them to my blog roll? (is that the right word?) comment me and i will (:

oh, and WELL DONE DAD for doing his 5th London to Brighton bike ride (:

Friday, 13 June 2008

strict machine

(yay, goldfrapp title!)

Grace (my best friend) and I went up to the Helmet Newton photo machine in Oxford Street Topshop today. After several panics before we got there (one of a severe nose-dive in any confidence I have, another having to sprint in heels to get some cash with 4 minutes before the train left...) the day was pretty good!
As is predictable the queues were pretty long...they were only doing basic makeup and no trying on clothes for the photos when it was our turn, but that was okay.
we only got to take four photographs (i could have spent SO long in there...) but i love the one we were given to take home:

we both look slightly crazy and demented, but that's a good look, right?!

Then we went to Regents Park for lunch and saw about a hundred thousand stalks. they were wonderful.

I'm now rushing out to see the boyf (=D). Even though I'm on summer holidays now, I seem to have been so busy the last few days. I need a lie-in!

oh pandora!

i love pandora.
everyone loves pandora.

pictures- her mypace.

anyway, lots of people have been posting about her new blog (!!!!!!!!)
which i think is going to be VERY exciting.
i opened the page.
i saw this:

i kicked myself for not getting this dress. the colours are so much better than mine!
seeing as i NOW HAVE A JOB! i may well...go back. and...get it in brown.
i love it.
i really do.

anyway, i am plagiarising her look to go to the helmut newton photomachine today.
and i will wear my socks that ACTUALLY stretch up to my knickers.

HOPEFULLY a photo to come from today!

oh, and i will have a funny post of my experimenting with my costa apron.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


As you may or may not have realised, I am in the middle (actually, one step from the end...) of exam season. this has left me with a lot more time on my hands.
what i MEAN to say is that i have been revising every waking minute...

well, obviously i haven't, but what i HAVE been doing is a lot of drawing and painting.
today i got out the sewing machine and decided to try exploring what i could do on the sewing machine.
I started to do this at the beginning of the year, for my a level project, and i wish i'd thought of my final idea sooner so i could have developed it! i have an awful photo of my final piece here.

some things i did today:

(today's outfit shot)

(pre interview)
it was pretty hard work and very very slow to do the delicate stuff, but i'll definitely practice hard, and with fabric too, instead of 300g/m² paper...

and some just watercolour stuff:

awesome band- listen here!!!
i ordered their EP and it's great- it came with a hand coloured sleeve (: amazing.
(larger image)

there's more on my deviantArt and flickr (:


You struggle
You struggle

Bathe me in water vapour
Erase me to ashes with fire
I grow old to dust in the dark
You left me be soluble in air

If I, really knew the truth
I'd probably turn back with love
Better to not know too much too soon
Mankind is always in the tongue

soluble in air- mystery jets