Thursday, 5 June 2008

the apple never falls far from the tree...

i walked into the living room this morning, and noticed a summer sale mini-catalogue from Joules Clothing.
We got the first catalogue through about two months ago, and I immediately took an irrational disliking to it. It appeals to the 'english village community spirit' (which, living in an english village, i know does not actually exist...) with captions like "this dress would look PERFECT for putting up the bunting around the fete"
oh, go away.

anyway. the sale catalogue.
I opened it up and saw a dress a couple of pages in.

jo jo dress
"OH!" i thought. "that would look LOVELY on mum!"
made a note on the page for her.

turned a couple more pages and saw THE swimming costume i've been looking for.

ohara swimsuit
i wanted a one piece, with a floral print and a halter neck.
and there it is.
perhaps not as nice a shape as this from mod cloth, but a whole lot cheaper, and with a pretty print.
drew an arrow to the costume, with a couple of exclamation marks.

stood up.
saw a note from mum.
it reads

oh dear indeed.
but she "might order tonight"
yay (:


Anonymous said...

I love you and and your mum! :P

annah said...

my mum loves you too, grace, my little plum fairy.

kirsty lee said...

woah you two are really in sync! amazing.

that dress reminds me of the kate moss for topshop one a bit, though i think this one is nicer.

Anonymous said...

Nice dress

Asheeely said...

Funny how moms seem to know what we like sometimes. My mom found me fantastic ankle boots once..

Anonymous said...

So glad your Mum loves the Jojo dress - it's actually one of our best sellers, so thanks.

As a token, here's an offer code for your next purchase "MANESNTAILS20" - just add it to the basket and you and your readers can get 20% off until 24/11).