Friday, 13 June 2008

oh pandora!

i love pandora.
everyone loves pandora.

pictures- her mypace.

anyway, lots of people have been posting about her new blog (!!!!!!!!)
which i think is going to be VERY exciting.
i opened the page.
i saw this:

i kicked myself for not getting this dress. the colours are so much better than mine!
seeing as i NOW HAVE A JOB! i may well...go back. and...get it in brown.
i love it.
i really do.

anyway, i am plagiarising her look to go to the helmut newton photomachine today.
and i will wear my socks that ACTUALLY stretch up to my knickers.

HOPEFULLY a photo to come from today!

oh, and i will have a funny post of my experimenting with my costa apron.


HANNAH-ZÖE said...

i love her bog to (just like the rest of the fashion bloggers out there)her style is so chic!
also what is "costa"? i live in Australia and have no idia:)

HANNAH-ZÖE said...

haha, thort it might be to do with food or something(due to the apron):)

lula said...

congratulations on the new job!!

susie_bubble said...

Ah...another blog that needs to be tracked....I'm not as enamoured with her style as everyone else is but it is great she has started a blog...

Terren said...

she is so effortlessly cute.