Wednesday, 18 June 2008

moap mop moan.

i just wrote an extremely long, self pitying post, which would probably have caused everyone to stop reading my blog, but luckily, blogger refused (for some reason) not to post it. i'll take this as a sign from above.

the upshot of it was, that i am very tired and quite demoralised.
but, i will try and get myself out of it, and give myself targets and be positive.
and, not get upset when people shout at me for making coffee wrong. I've only worked two shifts and i'm learning. it's allowed.

anyway, i've got a couple of new things to show, and as i start at 11 tomorrow, i might get to take some photos in the morning (:

thank you to everyone who always comments me, and anyone who's ever commented me! they really make me smile- especially when people compliment me on anything- especially drawings, because i find it so encouraging.
i welcome advice/criticism and stuff, so if you hate it, tell me!! or i'll start to think that people are fibbing and think it's shit :P


Anonymous said...

New jobs can be a bit crap. I think I was the most hated Woolworths employee when I was there. :D

I was "posh" because I read books in my break. Le gasp!

Anyways, you'll settle into it soon enough. Get plenty of sleep tonight

annah said...

yes, mummy grace.
and, you know the folks from old grinstead.
illiterate, each and every one of them.
come and work with me.
we'll overthrow the Polish.

Anonymous said...

I had new job blues a while back too... it passes quite quickly though....

yiqin; said...

You are fabulous! :D I am looking forward to your photos! & stay positive! I am sure you will do well in your job soon! Everyone screws up somehow when they just started :) It is normal! *hugs

Mary said...

The skirt you're in below is so cute, hell, you're SO cute. I adore your hair, I am so envious, and the only colour I can never ever pull off I think is orange. Red and pink are game though!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

Ah, new jobs are tough. Good luck with the job and getting out of your funk--we all have our black days.

Anonymous said...

it will pass! i'm sure you know that, but sometimes we all need a reminder. reading over your past posts should be a pick me ( up, you should be proud, it's one of myyy personal all time favourite blogs anyway.

we have a swop shop on at the moment if you would like to check it out :)

Anonymous said...

hey! just found your blog on susie bubble and love it! you seem to be very similar to me - loving your art and style too :)

ive just started a new job too - i think major spending on clothes is in order when i get my first paycheck!

here's my blog:

i'll keep reading, looby xx

Paris said...

Tell me about it, i've just gone back to the office for the summer after 8 months off. I was really nervous and walked in a new team and a frosty 'welcome' and since then it's been horrible. So you're not alone there.

Some people just love to have authority and let it go to their heads. I pity them. Think about all the things that you've got going for you, they're just jealous.

P.S We're not linked up! Shall we exchange?


Michelle said...

Things are always esp hard at the beginning, but I'm sure once you get the hang of it it'll improve! :)

oh and btw I didn't actually have a hair cut, I just tied my hair up as a faint attempt to stop it from looking so shit, haha.

kirsty lee said...

ah i've done the coffee shop thing. it can be pretty stressful. i found that i offered them a replacement coffee most people are ok about things. if they're not then they're extremely rude nasty people and you shouldn't give them a second thought.

i also worked in woolworths many moons ago!

anyway, chin up and hope you feel better about work and everything.