Tuesday, 10 June 2008


As you may or may not have realised, I am in the middle (actually, one step from the end...) of exam season. this has left me with a lot more time on my hands.
what i MEAN to say is that i have been revising every waking minute...

well, obviously i haven't, but what i HAVE been doing is a lot of drawing and painting.
today i got out the sewing machine and decided to try exploring what i could do on the sewing machine.
I started to do this at the beginning of the year, for my a level project, and i wish i'd thought of my final idea sooner so i could have developed it! i have an awful photo of my final piece here.

some things i did today:

(today's outfit shot)

(pre interview)
it was pretty hard work and very very slow to do the delicate stuff, but i'll definitely practice hard, and with fabric too, instead of 300g/m² paper...

and some just watercolour stuff:

awesome band- listen here!!!
i ordered their EP and it's great- it came with a hand coloured sleeve (: amazing.
(larger image)

there's more on my deviantArt and flickr (:


Tavi said...

Oh Annah, your art is so much of what I love from this blog!! Keep sewing, I bet you could make some really cool clothes with your great taste and artistic ability.

elisabeth said...

wow and wow and again :O those pieces are beautiful!i envy your ability to use watercolors so well!
i agree with tavi, i can just see a lose tee with that stitching and water colours (from the first piece) runnig all through it :D

p.s - i have tagged you :)

yiqin; said...

I wish I can draw so well! I can't even draw humans well! I can only draw stickmen :( All the best for your exams@ *hugs

Lust for Fashion said...

Wow, I've never seen anything like you art. You're very talented!!

Amber said...

Hey darling!
I just wanted to let you know that blue H&M dress is up ob eBay. :)

Michelle said...

Seriously, are young people these days all so talented? Not only are you a great photographer, I love the effect of your art too!

..... said...

wow u'r art is so cool ! never seen such things before !

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I really like your pieces. They're unique and dynamic. Good luck on exams.

Marina said...

these are amazing.
I especially love that self-portrait..using a sewing machine and watercolour.
And the last one as well. Such control with the watercolour too!

Danz said...

Wow, this is really excellent stuff! Incredible work!

Anonymous said...

I like drawing pictures with the sewing machine. I love how you have combined it with paper/painting.

Paris said...

these are really great!! Keep going, it's getting better and better!!xx