Sunday, 15 June 2008

the first day of sun-catching

today was the first day when i had so little to do that i could actually lay out in the sun! i managed to sunbathe and read for about half an hour before i felt sick and had to come in =/
i'm weird with the makes me feel really nauseous, and i can't wear sunglasses because i have a phobia of having things on the bridge of my nose.

anyway, this is a new dress that i wore, bought at fat face for half price (£16)

you can see that i am incredibly pale, and having a bad face day.

later on it got colder, and i went to meet a friend i haven't seen for a while. I meant to get some pictures of her...she has a lovely style, but i forgot =/

i apologise for my awful photographs at the moment- i KNOW i should capitalise on the nice weeather. there are some builders working across the road from us, and my elder brother's home and i feel self-conscious when people see me taking photos of myself. but i will try!

here is a picture i took before helmut newton on friday- i didn't post it but i like it, so here it is again.

is it really bad that i basically did copy Pandora's outfit? i was genuinely inspired by her- i was intending to wear the dress and shoes anyway, but she inspired the socks.

and- does anyone want me to add them to my blog roll? (is that the right word?) comment me and i will (:

oh, and WELL DONE DAD for doing his 5th London to Brighton bike ride (:


Lust for Fashion said...

i love your dress! And I think your complexion is very nice! I always complain that I'm dark while everyone here in CA wants to be tan! I'd love to exchange links with you :)

Hanna said...

Don't worry, I copied Pandora too today, I'm slightly ashamed, but she's so inspiring! My blog is already linked to yours, but I would love it if you would link mine.

Amber said...

I love that first dress your wearing! I adore dresses with pocket. And I have you on the side of my site for the blogs I like to check. And your Dad's a cyclist? Mine is too.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I adore your first dress! Really lovely. Pandora's new blog is basically going to influence the entire blogsphere!

Mary said...

I really really really really like what you wore today. The slouchy grey socks and sandals are fantastic with the sun dress, because it's a bit chilly where I am. You rock it.

WendyB said...

"Bad face day" -- LOL. I have plenty of those. All your outfits are cute.

Anonymous said...

Love your outfits, especially the second one!

Could you add my blog please?


Adri said...

Fab dress, sales are great!
I would love to be added to your blogroll, obviously only if you like my blog :-)

HANNAH-ZOË said...

oh i would absolutly love to be added to your blog roll!! thankyou:) i also have a thing about sunglasses and having them on my nose, my ears as well!

p.s. dont worry about copying pandora everyone is/will be doing it!

Kirstie Sequitin said...

i'd like to be added? i think you might already be on mine, if not i'll add you straight away. and that new dress is laaaaahvely.

kirsty lee said...

ooh watch yourself in the sun! i'm quite fair too and i've had sunstroke and really severe burns. it's not nice.

i have a feeling you're more sensible than me though anyway.

Kahani said...

Hi there, is compiling a database of beauty blogger email addys for a special feature we have planned. We would love to add you to this list, so if you're interested, please drop an email to fashion(at)shinymedia(dot)com. Thank you!

yiqin; said...

You look really good in thatdress!! You are really pretty! :)

Michelle said...

Hehe who isn't inspired by Pandora these day ;) I nearly bought an AA skirt today just because she has the same one (sad fan girl behaviour I know.. )

louise said...

congrats to your dad on the bike ride, one of my neighbours did it too, but 5th time is very impressive.
i sometimes get that sun sickness thing... always thought it was just me being weird

ps i'd love to be added!

Paris said...

I love the outfit with the socks! When I saw Pandora's blog, I thought of you because of the floral dress which you've posted before - so if anything, she's copying you!? hehe xx