Thursday, 5 June 2008

oh, the torment...

it's so perfect.

it's so £30.
it's so out of my budget.

this is godly too.

damn you buddug.


i must get out my fabric scraps and make one.

i want to wear things in my hair every day.
and pretty dresses.

i would also like to be tall and thin, please.

less than a month until my 18th, come on fairy god mother!!!


Amber said...

Probably 20 or 25 U.S Dollars. I'm just not sure how much the U.K. shipping would be, but that's not a big issue. Do you have Paypal? Oh and feel free to email me at if you'd like. :)

louise said...

haha there are far too many lovely things on that website, thankfully i have managed to resist buying all of them.

also my mum and i are forever doing what you described in the post below - guess we know each other very well

Anonymous said...

Unlike my Beddug bird headband, the floral one is definitely DIY-able....

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

There's similar necklaces on Etsy, search for birdcage necklace and see if you like any of those--because I agree that price is too high!

Paris said...

Awe these are so beautiful! I think you'll make something even more lovelier yourself though. You shouldn't wish to change because really you are gorgeous the way you are!!

Oh, i tried the plaits, It was ok but no where near as good as yours and I have dark roots which looked a bit odd! xx

Terren said...

happily and randomly found your blog!

i'm really enjoying all the images - you have a great sense of style darling. the bird cage is really, adorable.

Michelle said...

Oh I love their stuff too, too sweet for words!