Tuesday, 3 June 2008

tag, you're it!

I have now been tagged by both the clothes horse (what's your name?!) and Adri from adrift in the blogosphere with this wonderful dream outfit..thing. as you can tell, i have lost all abilities to express myself through words.

anyway. I'm finally getting round to it!

1. Choose runway pictures from ANY season you like and choose 3 outfits for Day, Evening & Party.
2. Briefly explain why and state the name of the designer & which season the outfit is from.
3. Tag 3 other bloggers once you are done and let them know by posting a comment on their blog

i tag
cheapskate chic
cinnamon, coffee and laughs
that's just my vibe


love love love.
Luella fall 2008

Prada Spring 2008

Chloe fall 2008


what's not to love?
Luella, fall 2008

Moschino Cheap and Chic fall 2008

Prada, Spring 2008
(Copying The Clothes Horse...)


Prada Spring 2008 (prada overload...)

Alexander McQueen, Spring 2007

Christopher Kane, spring 2008

nothing fits in night/day, i haven't looked at runway reviews for about a year, i suck.
oh well.

I'm sorry for being so...off-kilter.
i'm feeling weird.


Michelle said...

Oh my this look like such a fun tag! I'm looking forward to doing this and I see you're wearing heidi plaits in the previous post too, it really suits you ;)

kirsty lee said...

ooooh i'd seen this going around and was kind of hoping for a tag. so thanks!

i'll probably agonise over it for at least a week before i decide. that's just the kind of girl i am.

kirsty lee said...

(just responding to your comment...)

I did the same thing at a level! and i loved regeneration. was probably my favorite thing on the course. i usually don't think books that try to incorporate real people into fictional situations, but it worked so well. wouldn't mind rereading it actually.

kirsty lee said...

that should've said "i usually don't LIKE books that..."

AlicePleasance said...

Fun tag and great choices!

Shes Dressing Up said...

Great choices!!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

No such thing as a Prada overload. And my name is Rebecca Roe...I mentioned it in a post once but I much prefer TCH online. There's the name your given and then the name you choose...

Amber said...

I believe it's a US size 8. It's from H&M if that helps at all. European sizing always gets me confused!

Erin said...

I love that last dress, it looks so heavenly and floaty!

Paris said...

Great great choices. I love the Christopher Kane, Luella and Moschino cheap and chic in particular!! The first pic I think is very you?!xx

Anonymous said...


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