Monday, 9 June 2008


I had my interview for Costa today (i've got a test shift on Thursday to see if i adapt well...yay!) and it turned out to be really informal- we just sat at a table in the store and went through some questions.
However, I DID smarten up my outfit, because i did look rather scruffy!
I hate these photos and apologise for them.

miss bean.

I took the trousers up an inch and they fit much better, and wore this linen jacket i got about three years ago. I was so channelling Kirsty Lee with my colour scheme here. How can she manage to pull off all grey outfits and look fantastic EVERY TIME?!
I felt a little boring, and frumpy, and..gah. +stops self from picking myself apart+

i wore it to my sewing class later with a green cardigan and converse, and it looked alright too, so these will make a much more regular appearance in my wardrobe, i think!


Anonymous said...

hi! how are you doing?! OMG! you look so pretty! I love your pants!

** I have added you on my links, care for link exchange?

take care,

Paris said...

How could they not give you the job in that outfit hey!xx

Michelle said...

I like the coffee bean hat in the first picture ;)

louise said...

nice outfit.
good luck for thursday!